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1. Where did Edwin Raub come from ?

Edwin Lynn Raub (May 14, 1921 – March 10, 1998) was a television personality and horror host under the name Uncle Ted in the Northeastern Pennsylvania viewing area of the United States. He is mostly known for hosting the programs Uncle Ted’s Children’s Party [Note 1] in the 1960s, Uncle Ted’s Ghoul School from 1974 to 1982 and Uncle Ted’s Monstermania from 1984 to 1997. He was posthumously inducted into the Horror Host Hall Of Fame in 2014. According to his first sidekick Richard Briggs: “He was a living legend, one of those guys who was around when (television) started up, and there’s not too many of those guys around anymore.”

2. What could we know about Edwin Raub besides his height ?

Edwin L. Raub (many resources erroneously list his middle initial as “C”) was born May 14, 1921 in Kingston, Pennsylvania to Samuel J. and Margaret Lynn Raub, the oldest of two sons. He was married to the former Angela Wiffen who had grown up in Wallington, Surrey, England. They had two daughters, Rita and Beth, and a son, Edwin L., Jr.

3. What are the projects of Edwin Raub ?

He had an uncle, named Edwin Hyde Raub, who fought during World War I, for the PA 109th Field Artillery A.E.F.; and died of pneumonia in Lyons, France.

4. Somme collaborations with Edwin Raub ?

During the Second World War, as a radio operator with the 82nd Airborne Division’s 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment Raub participated in D-Day and Operation Market Garden. According to author Cornelius Ryan’s best-selling account of the battle, A Bridge Too Far: “When tracer bullets began ripping through his canopy, Private Edwin Raub became so enraged that he deliberately side-slipped his chute so as to land next to the anti-aircraft gun. Without removing his harness, and dragging his parachute behind him, Raub rushed the Germans with his Tommy gun. He killed one, captured the others, and then, with plastic explosives destroyed the flak-gun barrels.”

A few days later during a German artillery barrage Pvt. Raub was severely burned on both of his hands when some gasoline cans near him exploded when hit; he later received two Purple Hearts. Raub was always humble about his wartime service and tended to downplay his efforts. In 1977 he told The Scranton Times, “I was in the paratroopers because it meant an additional $50 a month in pay. When I jumped from the plane, my main concern was just to get to the ground in one piece. Sure, I saw the shells’ effects, but if I had had my choice, I wouldn’t have landed right in the middle of the gun emplacement!”

It was during his wartime convalescence that Raub became interested in sleight-of-hand and card tricks, initially to regain the dexterity and function of his injured hands, later finding it a good way amuse himself and his fellow wounded comrades. Upon returning home he became a copywriter at local radio station WARM-FM. He also wrote dialog for commercials and would sometimes perform voice-over work. His card trick and magic hobby “just got away” and became a sideline, performing for churches and private parties then graduating to clubs, resorts, store promotions, fairs, schools, and “every mall in Northeastern Pennsylvania.” His initial foray into television was in the mid-1950s at WBRE-TV as a fill-in for a leprechaun character named Mr. Nobody, later performing on the same program as “Professor Feathers,” complete with homemade costume. Moving to WDAU-TV, Raub hosted his first program The Uncle Ted Show performing magic tricks for his studio audience.


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Height Edwin Raub