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1. Where did Edmund Burns come from ?

Edmund Burns (September 27, 1892 – April 2, 1980 ) was an actor from the United-States ( ???????? ). He was best known for his movies of the silent 1920s, particularly The Princess from Hoboken (1927), Made for Love (1926), and After the Fog (1929), although he continued acting in movies until 1936. Burn’s first movie appearance was an uncredited act as an extra in The Birth of a Nation (1915). Other movies include The Country Kid (1923), The Farmer from Texas (1925), Ransom (1928), The Adorable Outcast (1928), Hard to Get (1929), The Shadow of the Eagle (1932), Hollywood Boulevard (1936), and his last movie, Charles Barton’s Murder with Pictures (1936) for Paramount Pictures. He was sometimes billed as Edward Burns.

2. What could we know about Edmund Burns besides his height ?


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Height Edmund Burns