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1. Where did Eddie Carmel come from ?

Oded Ha-Carmeili Eddie Carmelbrew: ŚąŚ•Ś“Ś“ Ś”Ś›ŚšŚžŚœŚ™) was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, to Orthodox Jewish immigrants, weighing 16 pounds, and was Jewish. An only child, he was raised in the Bronx, New York, after his parents Isaac (Itzhak; an insurance salesman born in Poland) and Miriam (nĂ©e Pines) Ha-Carmeili (he is born in in the United States, and later a secretary at the Jewish Theological Seminary) relocated back to the United States when he was two years old so his mother could care for an ailing relative. His parents were 5 feet 6 inches tall, but his maternal grandfather in Poland was known as the tallest rabbi in the world, at 7 feet five inches (226 cm). He lived with his parents on Elgar Place in Co-op City in the Bronx.

2. What could we know about Eddie Carmel besides his height ?

At 10 years of age Carmel was 6 feet 1 inch tall. At 15 years of age he was 6 feet 6 inches tall, and was diagnosed with gigantism and acromegaly. When he graduated Taft High School in 1954 he was 7 feet tall. He studied at City College of New York for two years where he was elected vice president of his class, majoring in business and joining the Dramatic Club, and Baruch College.

3. What are the projects of Eddie Carmel ?

Carmel was listed by the Guinness Book of World Records as 9 feet (274 cm) tall, and billed at the heights of 8 ft 9 in (268 cm) and 9 ft 0.625 inches (276 cm) tall, though he may have more realistically been around 7 ft 3 tall.[citation needed] He had a size 24 shoe. He was popularly known as “The Jewish Giant,” “The Happy Giant,” and “The World’s Biggest Cowboy.”

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Height Eddie Carmel