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1. Where did Edd Byrnes come from ?

Byrnes was born in New York City, the son of Mary (Byrne) and Augustus “Gus” Breitenberger. He had two siblings, Vincent and Jo-Ann. After his abusive alcoholic father died when Edd was thirteen, he dropped his last name in favor of “Byrnes” based on the name of his maternal grandfather, Edward Byrne, a fireman.

2. What could we know about Edd Byrnes besides his height ?

Byrnes developed the urge to act at high school but did not seriously consider pursuing it until after he had tried a number of other jobs, such as: driving an ambulance, roofing and selling flowers. At seventeen, he found work as a photographer’s model.

3. What are the projects of Edd Byrnes ?

In 1956, Byrnes got an unpaid job in a summer stock theatre company in Connecticut, the Litchfield Community Playhouse. He soon began appearing in the company’s plays as an actor; he also tried to get acts in Broadway theatre productions, but had no luck. Also that year, he was cast in an episode of the Crossroads TV program. Byrnes also appeared in episodes of the late-50s series Wire Service and Navy Log.

4. Somme collaborations with Edd Byrnes ?

After a year, Byrnes moved to Hollywood. He appeared in a local stage production of Tea and Sympathy. Byrnes also appeared in episodes of The Adventures of Jim Bowie, and Telephone Time and in the movie Fear Strikes Out (1957). Byrnes was third-billed in the movie Reform School Girl (1957) for American International Pictures; that same year, he had a supporting act in the Warner Bros. movie Johnny Trouble.

Also in 1957, Byrnes signed a three-year contract with John Carroll of Clarion Pictures.

Byrnes tested for acts in the movies Bernardine and Until They Sail but was unsuccessful. He did, however, guest star on an episode of Cheyenne made by Warner Bros., and a contemporary report described him as “a Tab Hunter type.”. The studio liked Byrnes’ work and signed him to a long-term contract in May 1957.

Warners started off Byrnes’ contract by assigning him to a comic act in The Deep Six (1958). He also appeared in episodes of Cheyenne, The Gale Storm Show: Oh! Susanna and Colt .45. In 1958 he appeared (credited as Edward Byrnes) as Benji Danton on Cheyenne in the episode titled “The Last Comanchero.”

When Tab Hunter refused a act in the movie Darby’s Rangers (1958), Byrnes stepped in instead. He was wanted for Baby Face Nelson (1957), but Warners would not loan him out.

Byrnes also appeared in Marjorie Morningstar (1958) and Life Begins at 17 (1958). He appeared as a guest star in Maverick, The Deputy, and Sugarfoot, in the latter with John Russell, Rodolfo Hoyos Jr., and Will Wright in the 1958 season-premiere episode “Ring of Sand.” He was in another war movie titled Up Periscope (1959).

Byrnes was cast in Girl on the Run, a pilot for a detective show starring Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Byrnes played contract killer Kenneth Smiley, who continually combed his hair – Byrnes said this was an idea of his which the director liked and kept in. Around this time Byrnes decided to change his acting name from “Edward” to “Edd”. “I just dreamed it up one day”, he said. “Edward is too formal and there are lots of Eddies.”

The show aired in October 1958 and was so popular Warners decided to turn it into a TV series: 77 Sunset Strip. Byrnes’ character became an immediate national teen sensation, prompting the producers to make Byrnes a regular cast member. They transformed Kookie from a hitman into a parking valet at Dino’s Lodge who helped as a private investigator. Zimbalist Jr. explained the situation to the audience:

We previewed this show, and because Edd Byrnes was such a hit, we decided that Kookie and his comb had to be in our series. So this week, we’ll just forget that in the pilot he went off to prison to be executed.


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