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1. Where did Dylan Bruno come from ?

Bruno was born September 6, 1972 in Milford, Connecticut, to actor Scott Bruno and the late Nancy (née Mendillo) Bruno. His older brother is movie and television actor, director and producer Chris Bruno. Growing up, the brothers lived in Milford with their mother and spent time with their father on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.[citation needed]

2. What could we know about Dylan Bruno besides his height ?

In 1994, Bruno earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Engineering from MIT, where he played varsity football as a linebacker. “When I got into MIT, I just decided it was an opportunity I didn’t want to turn down,” he said. “I actually found out that I had the second-lowest SAT scores at MIT. (The guy with the lowest scores and I) would always hang out together and be like, ‘Yeah, we’re the second-to-last and last dumbest guy in the school.'” Upon graduating, Bruno worked for a robotics company before deciding to pursue a career in acting.

3. What are the projects of Dylan Bruno ?

In 1995, while working as a model for Calvin Klein, Bruno made his television acting start on the NBC series High Sierra Search and Rescue. He made his movie start in Naked Ambition (1997). In 1998, he had small acts in Saving Private Ryan and When Trumpets Fade and competed in and won a special episode of American Gladiators (1989–96). He co-acted in The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999), Where the Heart Is (2000), Going Greek (2001).

4. Somme collaborations with Dylan Bruno ?

He portrayed an L.A.P.D. cop in The One (2001), a rock musician in The Simian Line (2001), and Harry “Blaine” Mayhugh, Jr., in The Pennsylvania Miners’ Story (2002). He also appeared in The Anarchists -Cookbook (2002).

Bruno had a five-year run as “Colby Granger” on the hit TV show, Numbers from 2005 to 2010.

In May 2010, he joined NCIS for three episodes, playing a disgraced U.S. Army Ranger who worked for a Mexican drug cartel; in the Season 7 finale, his character died in a gunfight.

Bruno has done voice-over work for several products such as Bacardi Silver, Coors Light, Chevactt, Jeep, Virtual Boy, and Sony Handycam. In addition to his voice-over work, Bruno is the current narrator of the Discovery Channel program Rides.

Bruno is married and has two sons.[citation needed] He is an avid spearfisher.


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