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height Dennis Christopher

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1. Where did Dennis Christopher come from ?

Dennis Christopher (he is born in Dennis Carrelli; December 2, 1955) is an actor from the United-States ( ???????? ). The large public knows Dennis Christopher for his acts in Breaking Away (1979), Fade to Black (1980), It (1990), Chariots of Fire (1981), and Django Unchained (2012). He has appeared in nearly 40 movies and made-for-TV movies since 1975.

2. What could we know about Dennis Christopher besides his height ?

Christopher was born Dennis Carrelli in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is of half-Italian and half-Irish descent.

3. What are the projects of Dennis Christopher ?

A 1972 chance encounter in which he stumbled upon Frederico Fellini movieing in Rome led  to the director casting Christopher in the uncredited act of *Hippie” in his 1972 movie Roma.

4. Somme collaborations with Dennis Christopher ?

Then Prior to his breakthrough star turn in acting Christopher had a spell as an assistant to the fashion designer Halston.

Christopher’s breakthrough act was as Dave Stohler in the coming-of-age classic Breaking Away (1979). His performance won him the BAFTA Award for Most Promising Newcomer and the Youth in Film Award for Best Juvenile Actor in a Motion Picture, as well as garnering a Golden Globe nomination.

Christopher’s other acts include American track star Charlie Paddock in Chariots of Fire (1981), as well as tragic movie-buff psychopath Eric Binford in Fade to Black (1980), Damon in The Falling (1985), Nathan Flowers in A Sinful Life (1989) and Leech in Plughead Rewired: Circuitry Man II (1994). Television acts include “Jack of All Trades” in the Profiler TV series, Eddie Kaspbrak in Stephen King’s It (1990), Desmond Floyd in Jake Speed (1986) and in the HBO series Deadwood.

Christopher has guest acted in two Star Trek episodes: the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “The Search (Part II)” and the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Detained”. He guest-acted as the demon-sorcerer Cyvus Vail in three episodes of Angel.[citation needed]

He reunited with his Breaking Away “father” Paul Dooley, playing Dooley’s son for a third time, in a 2003 episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. The two had first played father and son in Robert Altman’s A Wedding (1978).

In December 2006, he played Dr. Martin Ruber in the Sci Fi Channel miniseries The Lost Room.

Christopher’s career, and life in general, changed dramatically when he was cast as Leonide Moguy in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained (2012). He learned through his agent that the screenplay had been re-written to accommodate him. Furthermore, Tarantino later claimed to Christopher that he had seen every one of his movies the week that they were released, even Dead Women in Lingerie (which Christopher considers his worst). Production of the movie made a very positive impact on Christopher, who has said “…a lot of my idea of happiness came from working on this movie…”.


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Height Dennis Christopher