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1. Where did David Carradine come from ?

David Carradine (he is born in John Arthur Carradine; December 8, 1936 – June 3, 2009) was an actor from the United-States ( ???????? ) best known for playing martial arts acts. He is perhaps best known as the star of the 1970s television series Kung Fu, playing Kwai Chang Caine, a peace-loving Shaolin monk travelling through the American Old West. He also portrayed the titular character of both of the Kill Bill movies. He appeared in two Martin Scorsese movies: Boxcar Bertha and Mean Streets.

2. What could we know about David Carradine besides his height ?

David Carradine was a member of the Carradine family of actors that began with his father, John Carradine. The elder Carradine’s acting career, which included major and minor acts on stage and television, and in cinema, spanned more than four decades. A prolific “B” movie actor, David Carradine appeared in more than 100 feature movies in a career spanning more than six decades. He received nominations for a Golden Globe Award and an Emmy Award for his work on Kung Fu, and received three additional Golden Globe nominations for his performances in the Woody Guthrie biopic Bound for Glory (1976), the television miniseries North and South (1985), and Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill: Volume 2, for which he won the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor.

3. What are the projects of David Carradine ?

Throughout his life, Carradine was arrested and prosecuted for a variety of offenses, which often involved substance abuse. He died accidentally at the age of 72 due to autoerotic asphyxiation. Films that featured Carradine continued to be released after his death. These posthumous credits were from a variety of genres including action, documentaries, drama, horror, martial arts, science fiction, and westerns. In addition to his acting career, Carradine was a director and musician. Moreover, influenced by his Kung Fu act, he studied martial arts. On April 1, 1997, Carradine received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

4. Somme collaborations with David Carradine ?

Carradine was born on December 8, 1936, as John Arthur Carradine, in Hollywood, California, the eldest child of actor John Carradine (1906–1988) and his wife Ardanelle Abigail (nĂ©e McCool) Carradine (1911–1989). He was a half-brother of Bruce, Keith, Christopher, and Robert Carradine, and an uncle of Ever Carradine and Martha Plimpton, most of whom are also actors. Primarily of Irish descent, he was a great-grandson of Methodist evangelical author Beverly Carradine and a grandnephew of artist Will Foster.

Called “Jack” by his family, Carradine had a turbulent childhood. His parents divorced and repeatedly remarried; he was born to his mother’s second marriage of three, and his father’s first of four. At the time of Carradine’s parents’ marriage, his mother already had a son by her first husband, whom John adopted. John Carradine planned a large family, but after his wife had a series of miscarriages, he discovered she had gotten numerous abortions without his knowledge, which had rendered her unable to carry a baby to term.

Against this backdrop of marital discord, David almost succeeded in committing suicide by hanging at the age of five. He said the incident followed his discovery that he and his elder half-brother, Bruce, who had been adopted by John, had different biological fathers. Carradine added, “My father saved me, and then confiscated my comic book collection and burned it—which was scarcely the point.”

After three years of marriage, Ardenelle filed for divorce from John, but they remained married for five more years. Divorce finally came in 1944, when Carradine was seven. His father left California to avoid court action in the alimony settlement. After the couple had a series of court battles over child custody and alimony, which at one point landed John in jail, Jack joined his father in New York City. By this time, his father had remarried.

For the next few years David was shuffled among boarding schools, foster homes, and reform school. He also often accompanied his father to summer theater throughout the Northeast. Carradine spent time in Massachusetts and even one miserable winter milking cows on a farm in Vermont.

Eventually, David Carradine returned to California, where he graduated from Oakland High School. He went to Oakland Junior College (now Laney College) for a year before transferring to San Francisco State College, where he studied drama and music theory, and wrote music for the drama department’s annual revues while juggling work at menial jobs, a fledgling stage acting career, and his studies. After he dropped out of college, Carradine spent some time with the “beatniks” of San Francisco’s North Beach and southern California’s Venice. During this time he collected unemployment insurance and sold baby pictures. He was also prosecuted for disturbing the peace.

Despite an attempt to dodge the draft, in 1960, Carradine was inducted into the United States Army, where he drew pictures for training aids. That Christmas he married his high school sweetheart, Donna Lee Becht. While stationed at Fort Eustis, Virginia, he helped establish a theater company that became known as the “entertainment unit”.

He met fellow inductee Larry Cohen, who later cast him in Q, The Winged Serpent. He also faced court-martial for shoplifting. In 1962, Donna gave birth to their daughter, Calista. Carradine was honorably discharged after two years of active duty.

Upon leaving the Army, Carradine became serious about acting. He was advised to change his name to avoid confusion with his famous father.

In 1963, he made his television start on an episode of Armstrong Circle Theatre, “Secret Document X256”. Several other television acts followed, including appearances on Wagon Train, East Side/West Side, Arrest and Trial, The Virginian, Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour. In 1964 Carradine appeared as “The Utah Kid” on The Virginian in the episode “The Intruders.”

Carradine got a contract with Universal. The studio gave him his feature movie start in Taggart (1964), a western based on a Louis L’Amour novel. It also cast him in Bus Riley’s Back in Town (1965).

In May 1964, Carradine joined the cast of the Broadway play The Deputy by Rolf Hochhuth, replacing Jeremy Brett.

When the play ended he was still under contract to Universal, and resumed TV work. He spent a lot of time playing, in his words, “greenhorns in Westerns and villains in thrillers.” Carradine guest-acted in The Trials of O’Brien in episodes that were cut together and released theatrically as Too Many Thieves (1967), and Coronet Blue.

Carradine’s first big break came with his second Broadway part in The Royal Hunt of the Sun, a play by Peter Shaffer about the destruction of the Inca civilization by conquistador Francisco Pizarro. Carradine played Atahuallpa opposite Christopher Plummer as Pizarro. The play premiered in October 1965 and was a solid hit, running for 261 performances.

Carradine said of this performance, “Many of the important acts that I got later on were because the guy who was going to hire me was in that audience and had his mind blown.” For that part, Carradine won a Theatre World Award for Best Debut Performance in 1965. He was also named as one of Theatre World’s Promising Personalities from Broadway and Off Broadway. (The play was movieed in 1968 with Plummer taking Carradine’s part.)

Carradine left the production of Royal Hunt of the Sun in May 1966 to take up an offer to star in the TV series Shane, a 1966 western based upon a 1949 novel of the same name, previously movieed in 1953. Carradine played the title act opposite Jill Ireland. “I know I have some kind of vision that most actors and directors don’t have”, he said, “so it becomes a duty to exercise that vision. It’s a responsibility, a mission.” The show only lasted 17 episodes, despite good reviews.


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