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height Danny Bravo

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1. Where did Danny Bravo come from ?

He was born Daniel Zaldivar in Los Angeles, California.

2. What could we know about Danny Bravo besides his height ?

After a handful of minor movie appearances, he played the title act of an Indian boy training a race horse, to win money to build a shrine for his village, in the 1960 movie For the Love of Mike (credited as “Danny Zaidivar”). The same year he had a minor act in the classic Western movie The Magnificent Seven. In 1962 he played the title character “Ramon”, a Latino boy featured prominently in an episode of 87th Precinct. He provided the voice of the character Hadji, the Calcutta-raised foster brother of the title character in the well-remembered animated television series Jonny Quest (1964–1965). He continued acting and doing voice work for a few years after its cancellation.

3. What are the projects of Danny Bravo ?


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Height Danny Bravo