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height Daniel Cartier

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1. Where did Daniel Cartier come from ?

Cartier grew up in Exeter, New Hampshire, where he played in goth and punk bands as a teenager. In 1991, he moved to New York City, where he began as a performer in subway stations before playing in nightclubs. He produced two albums on his own label, one of which (The Subway Session) was in fact recorded in the subway station. Finally, he signed a contract with Elton John’s music label Rocket Records, for whom he recorded the album Avenue A in 1997.

2. What could we know about Daniel Cartier besides his height ?

After being dropped by Rocket in 1998 following a corporate takeover, Cartier briefly moved to Los Angeles. He then suffered a nervous breakdown, and left the music business for a time before reemerging in 2004 with the independent albums Revival and Wide Outside. The albums were recorded at his new home recording studio in the Cape Cod area of Massachusetts.

3. What are the projects of Daniel Cartier ?

In 2005 he appeared as main character in the experimental and controversial movie Flirting with Anthony, directed by Christian Calson.

4. Somme collaborations with Daniel Cartier ?

Daniel is out as gay.


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Height Daniel Cartier