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height Dana Schweiger

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1. Where did Dana Schweiger come from ?

Dana Schweiger was born in Seattle, Washington. She grew up there with her sister and her uncle.

2. What could we know about Dana Schweiger besides his height ?

Schweiger first studied business management and was later educated at the Esthetic Skincare Institute in Seattle as a beautician. In the 1990s, she worked for Calvin Klein and H&M as a model. In 2009, she signed an advertising contract with Katjes. In 2012, she was part of the jury of Deutschland sucht den Superstar Kids. She is the co-founder of Bellybutton, a mail order company for children’s supplies.

3. What are the projects of Dana Schweiger ?

Schweiger married actor Til Schweiger on 19 June 1995. They have four children: Valentin Florian Schweiger (he is born in 17 September 1995), Luna Marie Schweiger (he is born in 11 January 1997), Lilli Camille Schweiger (he is born in 17 July 1998), and Emma Tiger Schweiger (he is born in 26 October 2002). Schweiger and Carlsen separated in 2005 and were divorced in 2014.

4. Somme collaborations with Dana Schweiger ?

In July 2016, Schweiger publicly announced that she would renounce her American citizenship if Donald Trump won the US presidential election in November that year.


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Height Dana Schweiger