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height Christopher Collet

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1. Where did Christopher Collet come from ?

Collet decided to enter show business during his teens and acquired an agent. His first movie act was “Paul” in the 1983 horror Sleepaway Camp. Collet remained in touch with his co-star Jonathan Tiersten and they auditioned together for shows. Collet eventually landed the act of “Neil Oxley” in the 1984 CBS after school special Welcome Home Jellybean. Following this success Collet landed numerous acts in television and movie including “Jake Livingston” in Firstborn, “Richard Jahnke Jr.” in the 1985 TV movie Right to Kill?, “Paul Stephens” in the 1986 movie The Manhattan Project, and “Albert Kaussner” in the 1995 Stephen King miniseries The Langoliers. His television appearances include guest acts on Magnum P.I., The Cosby Show, The Hitchhiker (1983), The Equalizer (1985), L.A. Law (1986), and MacGyver (1985). He also acted in several Broadway theatre productions. Collet has also been the voice director for many 4Kids television productions, and voiced the character of Orbot in the video game Sonic Unleashed.

2. What could we know about Christopher Collet besides his height ?

Two of the stars of Sex and the City have played his girlfriend: Sarah Jessica Parker in Firstborn, and Cynthia Nixon in The Manhattan Project.

3. What are the projects of Christopher Collet ?

4. Somme collaborations with Christopher Collet ?


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Height Christopher Collet