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1. Where did Chosen Effect come from ?

Chosen Effect also previously known by the names Terry-T, T-Effect and in recent times also as Faith Chase, is an Intersex (he is born in both genders) born gender fluid American singer, rapper, songwriter, record producer, musician, DJ, dancer, moviemaker and actor. Once signed to Sony Records, her/his professional entertainment career started at the very young age of just 8 years old. Besides having a music career, she has done everything from acting acts to being a radio personality and even modeling on the catwalk.

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T-Effect changed his name to Chosen Effect in 2011 as a tribute to his mother who died late 2010 from cancer. His mom was always his number one fan and growing up she always told him he was chosen. In honor of his mom Chosen Effects new single which name is “Tonight” was due to be released on May 11, 2011 which is his mother’s Birthday however an unknown technical glitch with the labels previous distributor caused the release of this single to be delayed. As a result of the release of “Tonight” being delayed Vircenia Records unexpectedly decided to release the single “Liar Liar” 2 months earlier than originally planned on May 28, 2011, due to the popularity of the song. The single “Tonight” was to be the first new song to be released from Chosen’s upcoming album which name is “Resurrection” however that honor has now been given to the track “Liar Liar”.

Under the Faith Chase name and branding, this Intersex entertainer, entrepreneur and public figure, continued to grow and establish various passion projects and pursuits most notably being the iconic Sloppies Restaurant which is an American themed dining experience with a huge cult following and the tagline “Home of the Sloppy Joe. Established in late 2013, with the doors of the original Brisbane based store opening in January 2014, to date this eatery continues to satisfy the cravings of foodies that come and visit from around the world.

Establishing the Faith Chase name as a flourishing brand in its own right has seen Faith tour venues putting on personal development Seminars and Workshops which was initially started under the Chosen Effect name after successfully becoming a certified hypnotherapist, personal development coach and holistic practitioner.

In May 2018, Faith further added to her long list of achievements by becoming a YouTube Vlogging personality which December of the same year would see her use the platform to share her being born Intersex story with the world.

Chosen has also modeled in print, television and catwalk for the likes of fashion designers Michiko London Koshino and Koshin Satoh and at one stage was even the official face for Casio’s popular keyboard the Rapman. Chosen is also an actor. He has appeared in various acting acts in his life both on stage and also on TV ranging from commercials to dramas. T-Effect was also a radio personality with his very own radio shows including his popular 3-hour radio show which name is Night in Motion which aired on FM Fuji in Japan & not only showcased his DJ & emcee skills but also showed his amazing comedic ability. Chosen has been a guest radio host on various shows and has even performed live on radio both thru singing and even playing non-stop DJ mixes. Chosen’s talents have also seen him land the act as the official team DJ and announcer for the number one J-League professional soccer team Verdy in Japan, at the time.

Chosen Effect the entrepreneur has had many different business ventures that he has been very passionate about. Having an extreme love for food, being a restaurant owner was one of them. As a result, he has had a cafĂ©, a restaurant and his last food venture which was a theater restaurant which had a stage that was graced by the likes of Hip-Hop artist Ja Rule & Australian Diva Jessica Mauboy. Chosen is the President & Ceo of his own record company Vircenia Records & also has an entertainment company that specializes in audio and visual production which name is Tpt Star Entertainment which stands for Total Production Technologies & Star Entertainment. Another one of Chosen’s previous ventures was a nightclub and he currently also owns a magazine.

Late 2010 tragedy struck when Chosen’s mom died from cancer. Two years leading up to her death, the entertainers beloved mother struggled to recover from an aneurism that she barely survived. Chosen’s mom ended up surviving that event, however just when the family thought that the worst was over and she was on her way to a full recovery the horrible news about her cancer came to light.


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