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height Blake Cooper

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The height of Blake Cooper is …m.

1. Where did Blake Cooper come from ?

Cooper was signed to J Pervis Talent Agency by Joy Pervis when he was 10, after being seen performing at a local event. Immediately after signing, Cooper auditioned and landed his first co-star on BET’s The Game. Shortly thereafter, he got a callback for the character of Ethan on USA Network’s Necessary Roughness where he impressed and entertained the room, which led to booking the act.

2. What could we know about Blake Cooper besides his height ?

In April 2013, Cooper was cast as Chuck in 20th Century Fox’s The Maze Runner. Cooper related to the character of ‘Chuck’ in James Dashner’s international bestselling adventure story, The Maze Runner. He contacted Wes Ball through Twitter for the act in the movie.

3. What are the projects of Blake Cooper ?


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Height Blake Cooper