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1. Where did Angélica Vale come from ?

AngĂ©lica MarĂ­a Vale Hartman (he is born in November 11, 1975), known professionally as AngĂ©lica Vale, is a Mexican-American actress, singer, comedian, and radio personality, known also as the daughter of AngĂ©lica MarĂ­a, “La Novia de Mexico” (Mexico’s Sweetheart), and as the daughter of comedian RaĂșl Vale. She has been working as an actress for almost 30 years, but achieved fame in 2006 when she became the protagonist of La Fea MĂĄs Bella (The Prettiest Ugly Girl), a Mexican telenovela, with her real-life mother. She acted in the webnovela No me hallo as Luchita Guerra a young woman with a big dream of becoming a singer. Early in 2012, Vale was a team captain on the Mexican TV Show Parodiando, of Televisa network. Vale became a U.S. citizen in 2016, while retaining her Mexican citizenship.

2. What could we know about Angélica Vale besides his height ?

Vale was born in Mexico City, Mexico. As a child, in the movie El Gran Triunfo in 1981, Vale portrayed the daughter of Mexican superstar Rigo Tovar. From 1982 to 1986 her family was banned from Televisa due to the launch of the independent production “LUPITA” on the rival TV Azteca network in which she played the title act. All the family members were blacklisted until 1986, year in which Ernesto Alonso intervened on their behalf. He was instrumental in getting the ban lifted, allowing the family to return to work on Televisa’s productions.[citation needed]

3. What are the projects of Angélica Vale ?

In 1998, she portrayed Julieta in Soñadoras and in 2001, she portrayed Wendy Nayeli Pérez in Amigas y rivales, both major acts which won acclaim for the actress. However, the soap opera La Fea Mås Bella was her first starring act in any Mexican telenovela, though she had appeared in a number of Spanish language programs. As a comedian, Vale was one of the main celebrity impersonators in the comedy show La Parodia, from 2000 to 2005, but she chose to leave the show because she wanted to take some weeks off. From 2005 to 2006, she performed in El Privilegio de Mandar (The Privilege to Command), which was a parody of an earlier soap opera starring Adela Noriega and was titled El Privilegio de Amar (The Privilege to Love).

4. Somme collaborations with Angélica Vale ?

Because telenovelas are wildly popular throughout the Hispanic world, they are very profitable, even when they do not rate so well, so when as of 2006[update], La Fea MĂĄs Bella became the number one Univision TV program according to 2006 Nielsen ratings, Vale was looked upon by many producers as a “sure thing,” and it was speculated that this success would open the door for greater things to come.

Vale was one of eight people featured on the cover of People en Español’s “Los 50 MĂĄs Bellos” 2007 yearly issue and was featured alone on the July 2007 cover of the magazine, reportedly more because of her recent popularity than because of her overall lengthy career (as many people in the business had stated that she was finally getting the international attention that she had come to deserve after laboring her talents so long and having very little ethical and commercial success).[citation needed]

In April 2007, People en Español announced that Vale would make a special guest appearance on Ugly Betty, in which she’d reprise her Lety act in the episode “A Tree Grows in Guadalajara,” but instead she played a Lety look-alike named AngĂ©lica, who was a dental assistant, in the season finale. Although her mother officially left Televisa after both actresses appeared on Mujeres Asesinas in 2009, Vale is still with Televisa, having most recently appeared on Parodiando.

On October 15, 2019, Vale began hosting middays at Latin pop/reggaetĂłn “Cali 93.9” KLLI in Los Angeles. On January 28, 2020, she moved to mornings and added a side-kick Jose Quintero, who from 2017 to 2020 served as jr. producer of the morning show at KLVE in Los Angeles.

Like her mother, Vale is also a singer and has performed on the soundtrack for La fea mĂĄs bella. She did several notable impersonations of another singer, VerĂłnica Castro on La Parodia doing parodies of Castro’s show, Mala noche… no!. Vale is also listed in that program’s credits as a singer of its theme song. She has also done many impressions of singers Shakira, ThalĂ­a, and Laura LeĂłn among others while she worked on Soñadoras and Amigas y rivales; she also used some of these once more in La Parodia.

In 2007, after the finale of La Fea Mås Bella, she sang one of the theme songs for the hit soap opera during an appearance on El Show de Cristina. During 2008, she made the music album Navidad con Amigos with Ricardo Montaner. Angélica Vale has been heavily pursued by paparazzi since the early 1990s, with a special focus on her love life. In the early stages of her life, she was rumored and confirmed as the girlfriend of actor Alejandro Ibarra, with whom it was also rumored that she was engaged to and would soon marry.[citation needed]

However this was not the case, and they split around the time that she was cast for the act of Margarita in Bendita Mentira. This attention did not surprise Vale, who as a young girl had seen the toll that paparazzi’s attentions had taken on her mother and father’s marriage when, according to tabloids, her father had led a double life with a woman in Texas.

In 2005, after the death of her father, this attention bothered her because she was constantly pestered by questions about her late father’s will and testament and concerns about what the will said her father’s young ‘spouse’ would receive after his death. She was overwhelmed to the point that she which name is for a meeting with all major television stations in Mexico and had them ask all the questions they wanted to ask, saying that if they did not ask then, they would never get answers because she planned on closing that chapter in her life because it was very painful to talk about something so private.[citation needed]

Later on, Vale was also linked to singer Jose Luis Figueroa, son of singer Joan Sebastian, during a time when he was still involved with Ninel Conde, (considered the hottest woman in the world by the Latin American press), but AngĂ©lica Vale denied these reports.[citation needed] Soon after, Ninel and Jose Luis broke up, and he stated it was because Ninel was too “thin” for his liking.[citation needed] Vale was also targeted much by claims that she liked to get involved with married men, and a story was published in 2006 about her having caused the separation of a family, because her then-current boyfriend had filed for divorce and his children had to live with seeing their father with another woman in public.

She also denied these allegations by claiming that the divorce had been filed one year prior to their relationship, and that his marriage was childless.[citation needed] Other rumors that have followed concerning her love life have been curiously sparked by a family friend, Cristina Saralegui, host of El Show de Cristina, who, when interviewing the cast of La Fea MĂĄs Bella, stated that she thought that ‘Don Fernando’ (Jaime Camil) and ‘Doña Lety’ (AngĂ©lica Vale) had really fallen in love, but she was cut off by AngĂ©lica MarĂ­a, also present, who changed the subject.[citation needed]

Angélica María also sparked rumors about her daughter because, she had made a habit of saying that she was waiting impatiently for her only child to make her a grandmother.[citation needed] Despite the constant intrusion into her life by paparazzi, Angélica Vale has managed to keep much of her life private, causing paparazzi to fabricate stories about her. She also had breast reduction around the time she finished La Fea Mås Bella.[citation needed]

Vale’s father was Venezuelan while her mother is half American and half Mexican who was born in Louisiana; she has a Jewish grandfather. Vale speaks English and Spanish fluently, and holds her own in French.[citation needed]

She and her mother, AngĂ©lica MarĂ­a, are among the very few daughter – mother entertainers to be inducted into the Paseo de las Luminarias at the Plaza de las Estrellas. Vale was inducted for her work in television and regarding her contribution to the recording industry.

Vale and her parents are featured in the 2007 book Televisa Presenta, which was published during the culmination of the Network’s golden anniversary.

In 2016, Vale became a naturalized U.S. citizen.


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