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1. Where did Alice Carbone Tench come from ?

In 2010, after graduating from college in Foreign Languages and Literatures from the University of Turin (Italy), and after working as a translator and interpreter in her hometown of Avigliana (Turin, Italy), she moved to Los Angeles. Shortly after her arrival, she began her career as a journalist and foreign correspondent for several Italian magazines, including Vanity Fair, the Italian news agency ANSA and the online magazine Fine Dining Lovers.

2. What could we know about Alice Carbone Tench besides his height ?

In 2011, she started a blog, Wonderland Mag, to share her American experience with friends and family in Italy. The blog evolved into source material for a book.

3. What are the projects of Alice Carbone Tench ?

In 2012, she had a life-changing meeting with Leonard Cohen with whom she soon shared a manager; the two sponsored her for an O-1B artist visa so that she could write in America. Her start novel, The Sex Girl, was published by Rare Bird Books in July of 2015.

4. Somme collaborations with Alice Carbone Tench ?

From 2013 to 2015, she hosted the interview podcast Coffee with Alice that featured guests such as Benmont Tench, Jackson Browne, Moby, Bill Pullman, Janet Fitch, Mike Campbell, Phil Hendrie, and many more. Carbone Tench is also one of the few women who, without media backing, interviewed George Christie, one of the most notorious and controversial figures in the Hells Angels.

After hundreds of rejections from book agents, Carbone Tench decided to go beyond books and steer her career in another direction. That’s how Making Sense of Reality was born. This platform (blog, conversations, entertainment, and Inspiration), together with her popular Instagram Live stories, is an ever-changing space for exchange and communication with her readers and followers.

In the summer of 2019, Carbone Tench began to develop a format to bring Making Sense of Reality to television, radio, and live venues, and during the process she increasingly turned to food and cooking as a medium to express the need for community, her Italian heritage, and a sense of culinary self-care that helped her heal from her eating disorder and find her natural way of communicating.

That’s how Carbone Tench’s Instagram page became the center of her new artistic and culinary venture.

Her live cooking show, Instagram to Table, airs every Monday on Instagram Live at 5pm PST/ 8pm ET and every day, on Instagram. The new website with video recipe and Instagram community is scheduled to be launched soon in 2020.

Carbone Tench was featured on Vogue Italia on June 23, 2015), in an article about strong women who leave their native country to follow a dream.

She was interviewed for The Huffington Post by David Henry Sterry on July 30, 2015, discussing her start novel, her writing process in her second language, and her journey of recovery.

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband Benmont Tench (keyboardist and founding member of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers) and their daughter, Catherine Gabriella Winter.

Carbone has publicly discussed her history of eating disorders, depression, alcoholism and drug addiction. She is an advocate for recovery and empowering women to be comfortable in their bodies, and find their worth away from the mirror.


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Height Alice Carbone Tench