Height of Adam Ragusea

height Adam Ragusea

height: 5 ft 9 in (175 cm)


The height of Adam Ragusea is 5 ft 9 in (175 cm).

1. Where did Adam Ragusea come from ?

Ragusea grew up in central Pennsylvania. As a child, he visited nearby Hersheypark each summer which developed his fondness for Hershey chocolate. He is of Italian descent, and his grandfather worked as an iceman. Ragusea graduated from Penn State University Currently, Ragusea lives in Macon, Georgia with his wife, novelist Lauren Morrill and their two kids. He has also lived in Bloomington, Indiana.

2. What could we know about Adam Ragusea besides his height ?

Adam Ragusea was a journalist in residence at Mercer University from 2014 until February 2020, when he scheduled to retire. Ragusea taught introductory and advanced journalism, and media production classes while still a professor at Mercer. Before becoming a professor, Ragusea worked as a reporter for NPR and its affiliates. He was the longtime host of The Pub, a trade podcast for people in public media. He is listed as the Georgia Public Broadcasting Macon Bureau Chief and host of the local Morning Edition. Prior to working at GPB, Ragusea worked at WBUR-FM in Boston, and WFIU in Indiana.

3. What are the projects of Adam Ragusea ?

Ragusea created his YouTube channel on February 12, 2010, and his first videos were recipes for foods that he made for the intention of sharing with his friends. His videos began to garner attention for his “straight-to-the-point” style that is influenced by his background in journalism. In addition to this, he cites SpongeBob SquarePants as an influence on his style of comedy, claiming that “it’s edgy, but fundamentally it’s still just a beam of bright sunshine.”

4. Somme collaborations with Adam Ragusea ?

Adam Ragusea created The Sisko Song, as well as several other original pieces of music for the podcasts The Greatest Generation and The Greatest Discovery. He is known to some people as the “Mariah Carey Christmas chord guy”.


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Height Adam Ragusea